When Elite Track and Field Has Arrived–Short Form

When Elite Track and Field Has Arrived–Short–June 29 2017.pdf

This is the short-form version of the initial white paper. Click the link above. It presents the same discussion of the opportunity and challenges related to transforming Elite Track and Field (ET&F) into a viable sports business.  However, it does so in a less verbose format, without references.  Reduction of size requires elimination of certain qualifying statements that I am fond of. This leads to a tone that may seem sharp and authoritative.  This is neither my intention, nor my style. Nothing I say here is absolute, and I believe that my ideas may be in need of considerable refinement. I apologize if brevity implies certainty, or inflexibility.

I urge readers of this short-form to consult the full-length version for greater detail. Let me know what you think!


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