ETF-Forward Update: Motion and Expansion

Over the past few weeks, work on the ETF-Forward ideas has led to a number of positive developments. These include:

–Discussions with a number of leaders in the current ET&F sport about the issues and challenges facing the business today. There are many good ideas about growing the sport that these worldwide leaders are pursuing. We are pleased that a number of today’s best event organizers have agreed to support the study efforts that we have put in place at ETF-Forward.

–A new focus on annual “Major” events, with independent ownership. See “Annual Track and Field ‘Majors'”, and an initial paper on the ideas (  link  )

–A “Focused Study Effort” page containing a number of new, smaller initiatives (  link   )

–Agreement with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to host a marketing study within their Center for Sports Leadership. ( link ).

–Recruitment of a number of talented students and professional with simultaneous interest in entrepreneurial business development and track and field. This informal group will be investigating a number of study topics related to the sport’s business.

–Informal study Topic #1:  Replacement Value of Sanctions in Large ET&F Events (  link  )


Thank you for your continued interest.


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