Focused Study Efforts

ETF-Forward is working with a number of individuals in the sport that have an interest in the development of the professional sport’s business. This includes University groups that will participate with us within specific academic courses, as well as other graduate students that have co-mingled track and business interests. We are interested in developing a larger group to support informal collaboration and study. Please contact us ( contact ) if you are interested in participating.

Current News and Ideas:

October 17, 2017: VCU Sports Leadership Students to Investigate ET&F–link

October 17, 2017: Study Topic #1                                                                                  Replacement Value of Sanctions in Large ET&F Events–link

October 17, 2017: Transportable 400m ET&F Facility Developmentlink

October 19, 2017: Study Topic #2                                                                                      Development of ET&F Major Event Strawman Budgetlink

October 19, 2017: Study Topic #3                                                                                   Competition Schedule for a Single, Large ET&F Event —link                                        Meet Schedule Draft Spreadsheetlink